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Feature-Rich & Complete Guest Experience

When it comes to creating a positive customer experience, we believe in a holistic approach that encompasses all various aspects of our ecosystem. It is for this reason alone that when our rooms are designed and our hotels are built, we consider everything, from insulation materials and sound isolation, to facilities, air conditioning and the very mattress you sleep on to ensure that your stay is invigorating.

our standards know of no exception

All Rooms Include Invigorating Features

marea boutique hotels

Complete Kitchenettes

We went the extra mile by equipping each room with a marble top kitchenette comprising of coffee machine/ kettle, microwave, tableware, and fridge. We want to make you feel at home!

marea boutique hotels

Sound isolating PVC Apertures

We want you to rise and shine well rested daily during your stay at Marea Boutique Hotels. Therefore, sound isolation and privacy goes without saying at Marea.

marea boutique hotels

Soffit mounted Rain-Showers

Marea will revitalize you at every step of the way, even during your shower. We have considered every aspect of our guest experience because we care for the 360°.

marea boutique hotels

43"/50”/65" TV with vast channel list

We understand that some of our guests may want to honor their routines even when they are away from home, be it your quick 10 minutes news bulletin update or simply winding down.

marea boutique hotels

Automatic light and AC sensors

You won’t need to return to your room when forgetting to turn the lights or AC off, Marea Boutique Hotels do it for you!

marea boutique hotels

Superior bedding

We trust only in superior bedding and linen, not just for their decorative effect but also for the best possible hygiene purposes. The same applies for our towels and toiletries. Our standards know of no exception.

Why Sliema, Malta.

Ideal for tourists and business trips

Marea Boutique Hotels chose to make its debut here for a good reason since Sliema is simply perfect for any tourist or foreigner visiting, be it leisure or commercial. Here at Sliema, a foreigner does not feel like a foreigner at all because English is the most widely spoken language in this very much sought-after town. It became widely populated with Brits, especially navy and businessmen during the British colonial period. Even though local politics have changed since then, and Malta has became an independent Republic, one thing remained – Sliema retains its reputation for remaining one of Malta’s most welcoming towns and especially convenient for the English speaking.

Points of Interest in Sliema

If you enjoy eating out, you will love Sliema. It is simply packed with restaurants and eateries that are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sliema has one of the fanciest shopping centres in Malta. Shopping for accessories, eyewear and clothing is extremely popular in all major Sliema streets.

Sliema is built along a seafront therefore chances are that a beach is always a few corners down the road. One may look for popular spots such as The Chalet or simply pick at random, the Sliema coast has room for all swimmers!

Sliema is not a city that sleeps early but the nightlife it enjoys is calm and respectful to all types. Dining at restaurants, enjoying takeout by the sea or simply getting some fresh air are all possible and pleasant. Most importantly, the city will make you feel at home and safe.

Feasts are simply celebrated on the daily during the Maltese summer. Each town has it’s own feast and Sliema is no exception. During the feast celebrations there is something for the likes of everyone: the marching band, the fireworks, the procession, and various types of foodtrucks and foodstalls spread across the town.

The Anglican Church in Rudolph Street, known also as the Church of the Holy Trinity has an architecture that is not common in Malta making it an interesting site to visit.

Known as one of the quietest gardens in Sliema where people love to sit and gaze at the sea or enjoy a peaceful walk.

Sliema’s promenade is blessed by the beautiful coast making it ideal for walks, jogging, or simply sitting down at a bench and admiring the horizon.

Amenities closeby

A car park,  which is situated 180 meters away from the hotel, is available beneath the Imperial Old Residents Home.

If you need a break from hitting the road, visit Valletta by Ferry! Sliema has a direct ferry connection. Visit the official Valletta Ferry website for more info.

Public bus transport is available and can be accessed via the bus stops ‘Savoy’ or ‘Dimech’ which are within close proximity of 150m from our Hotel. Sliema’s Bus network offers frequent rides to Malta’s most popular destinations.

Marea Boutique Hotels, 26 Triq Rodolfu, Sliema

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