Fish market and Sunday Lunch? Marsaxlokk!

If you’re a fish and seafood lover then there’s no better excuse to visit Marsaxlokk. This village is known as Malta’s fishermen village and also one of the best areas for Sunday Lunch. If one is into fish and seafood, this can be an experience starting from early morning at the fish Market, and finishing with a relaxed lunch… obviously enjoying fresh fish or seafood!

One might ask “If I’m going to enjoy lunch, why bother with the fish market?”. Visiting the fish market will allow you to see all the different types of local fish species and seafood, and trust us, you’ll enjoy your meal better after you can appreciate the hard work of our local fishermen and the culture in Marsaxlokk, literally built around fish – no surprise that this is Malta’s largest port. If you’re up for tracking or wish to spend the whole day in Marsaxlokk, you can also visit St. Peter’s Pool and Fort Delimara to finish off your Sunday with a beautiful walk!

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