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Being Maltese owned, Marea Boutique Hotels truly does have a personal interest in showing you the best of our Island. Furthermore, we trust you’ll become our good clients soon and for that purpose here is a page dedicated to give you – the visitor some friendly tips which we know you’ll appreciate. This article will suggest specifically 7 locations to make it comfortable and ideal for anyone visiting Malta for a week. So without further ado, here is how to spend a week in Malta.


Immerse into culture

The capital city is the first on the list and for an obvious reason, there is no other capital city in the world that will come close to the history, architecture, and nobility that this gem, built by the Knights of St. John has to offer. Once in the city, you will have plenty of attractions to discover. A few that must be mentioned are: the Saint John’s Co-Cathedral, The Palace Armoury, The  National Museum of Archaeology, Manoel Theatre, Muża, National War Museum and the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Popeye Village

enter the 1979 movie set

Now here’s a less obvious one. Popeye Village was built in 1979 as a movie set but was completed so well that remained a strong tourist attraction since then. It was built to include the smallest details, including the very same bar where Popeye gets into a bar fight. When here, make sure to capture the picturesque and unique beauty of the set and its surrounding landscapes. A real amusement park – causal, but pure fun. The only thing that can come close to this is seeing the actual Popeye movie produced in 1980 by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney.


the silent city

Malta’s silent city and first ever capital city. Just like Valletta, its involvement in the Great Siege resulted in amplitude of history. Mdina has great view points such as, the Bastion Square from which you may enjoy a bird’s eye view to a big portion of our island. Other renowned places in Mdina are the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Church of the Annunciation, Mdina Cathedral Museum, Palazzo Vilhena and the Mdina Dungeons.


A 3000 BC Subterranean Burial

Not everyone imagines himself in a neolithic subterranean during his travels, however due to the fact that there is nothing like the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum you might not want to miss out on this one. Entering a structure that dates back to over 3000 years BC will simply give you goosebumps. Due to the high demand and to avoid disappointments, we recommend booking directly from the Heritage Malta website ( to secure your visit at this UNESCO site.

Għajn Tuffieħa Beach

beautiful landscape makes beautiful time

This is a beach loved by both locals and tourists, and for good reasons. Għajn Tuffieħa is simply stunning not just to look at but also for swimming, surfing, and sun bathing. Another reason why we have recommended this spot is the fact that the beach offers some great paths for tracking making it versatile enough to be enjoyed by sporty characters as well as those who wish to simply enjoy a cold beer by the beach! You do not need us to tell you this because it goes without saying, but taking a picture of the beautiful natural landscapes will preserve the beautiful sight for you to admire when back home.

Blue Grotto

a unique experience at sea

Another great reason to visit the south of Malta is the Blue Grotto. It is composed of a number of sea caverns which can be accessed by boat/kayak. The walls and ceilings of the cave mirror reflections of the phosphorescent colors of the underwater fauna and flora – a truly impressive scene. Boat trips are running on all year round (weather permitting) but we always recommend taking a look at the weather forecast before planning this trip to make sure you get the most of it. For those who enjoy great walks with great views, this is your opportunity to see Filfla from a distance – Malta’s smallest island! Our recommendation is to stop at the fishing harbour limits of Wied iż-Żurrieq and continuing by foot to the Blue Grotto to get the best experience on land and sea!


retreat to simplicity

Gozo is our small sister island just 30 minutes away from our mainland by ferry. With a low-cost ferry service operating every 30 minutes, getting there could not get easier. Locals and tourists both agree that this smaller island has its own charm. You’ll immediately notice the simplicity and serenity Gozo has to offer, blessed by a relaxed, effortless, and minimalistic lifestyle. Two sites we would like to recommend when visiting, Gozo are the Cittadella fortification, which is a UNESCO site containing various historic buildings, and the Ramla Bay, famous for it’s reddish-coloured sands.

Staying in Malta for more than one week?

Is your stay extending to more than one week and you’re looking for more ideas on how to spend your time on our beautiful Island ? Check out our Blog for more ideas.
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