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Tradition meets Contemporary Style

Elegance Delivered

Marea Boutique Hotels offer you all the qualities, standards, and facilities provided by modern accommodating establishments whilst keeping you connected with Maltese tradition. Our style represents exactly what we stand for – modern comfort and facilities delivered through the renowned warmth of Maltese hospitality. Marea Boutique Hotels offer luxurious experiences at affordable prices.

Self-Check In

Offering you the ultimate flexibility

Our process is simple, yet effective: A few days before your arrival you will receive a pin code which will open both the main hotel door as well as your very own room. This means that, on the day of arrival, you will not need to wait to be attended to by a receptionist in order to start enjoying your stay at Marea Boutique Hotels! The same procedure applies when it comes to checking out, it is carried out in an entirely contactless fashion.


The 3 Cities

Why visit one city, when you can visit 3 in one? The trio of cities known by us Maltese as “Cottonera” are a

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